Junior Sales Associate

Venture Marketing

Job Description

Energetic Individual with Retail Experience

Active Branding

Showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks. That’s us. We’re a bold brand development, customer acquisition, active marketing firm that aims to revolutionize the concept of traditional marketing and the wedge it creates between the customer and client.

Junior Sales Associate Skills & Qualifications

  • Some marketing experience is a pl us but not necessary as we train motivated applicants.

  • Excellent communication skills are essential.

  • Sales and retail experience preferred but not required as we will train the right individuals!

  • A passion for sales and retail.

  • The ability to be a team player putting the team above personal ambition.

  • Can meet deadlines timely and efficiently.

  • Honest, ethical with a high level of personal integrity.

  • Have the ability to ‘think on your feet in a fast-paced environment.

  • Desire to forge new ground through entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • Ability to overcome objections and redirect a pitch – in sales and retail this is crucial!

Job Requirements

The Role of Junior Sales Associate

  • Meet with clients to design marketing and live events per their goals.
  • Bring clients’ products to the public.

  • Sales and retail customer acquisition.

  • Sales and retail customer retention.

  • Act as an ambassador for our clients.

  • Organize and work B2B & B2C direct sales events.

  • Accurate and timely recording and tracking of sales.

  • Bring clients’ products live at direct marketing events.

  • Communicate with a wide range of clients and customers with genuine consideration.

  • Schedule and manage sales and retail at live events.

  • Seek venues appropriate to the client’s brand and product line.

  • Travel to events as needed.

  • Emphasis on boosting the client’s market share.

  • Produce market research that is measurable.

We are seeking energetic and enthusiastic sales and retail consultants who are looking to advance in the industry. If you are ambitious and motivated this position is perfect for you!

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