Data Architect

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Job Description

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Job Requirements

  • Providing data architect capabilities and implementing comprehensive data architecture solutions
  • Designing data and architecture solutions
  • Developing data models and architecting data warehouse & data integration solutions
  • Mandate expertise in data architecture and data mapping
  • Provide data integration architecture services and design services
  • Define the data roadmap, including data modeling, implementation and data management for enterprise data warehouse and data analytics
  • Plan and architect data throughout the enterprise
  • Providing leadership in data architecture
  • Help establish an enterprise data model and architecture
  • Perform data analysis for source system data
  • Lead efforts to design, architect and implement data warehouse solutions
  • Recommend logical and physical data models
  • Create logical and physical data models
  • Developing and maintaining data integration architecture
  • Advocate the data integration architecture and strategy across the enterprise data management efforts
  • Develop a technical architecture for integration of the data warehouse
  • Producing and maintaining logical and physical data models of enterprise business data
  • Maintain high-level data architecture documentation
  • Coming into the client enterprise data warehouse
  • Resolve data-related architecture during implementation