Naperville Middle School Science Educator Jobs

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Job Description

*Naperville Online Educator for Middle School Science*

The new school year is here and we’re looking for certified educators to provide live, online instruction for K-8 students in Naperville. As an educator in the School@Home program who uses the Varsity Tutors platform, you’ll get the chance to teach individual students or instruct small groups of around 7-9 students.

*Why join our platform?*

* Enjoy competitive rates starting at $20-$35/hour.

* Choose to tutor or teach as much or as little as you want.

* Tutor or teach online (i.e. “work remotely”) and set your own hours and schedule.

* Students can take adaptive assessments through the platform and share results to help you decide where to focus.

* We collect payment from the customers, so all you have to do is invoice the session.

* Use your own teaching methodologies and design your own lesson plans and curriculum to address your students’ particular needs.

*What we look for in an educator:*

* School@Home educators must be able to share a verifiable certification(s).

* You have experience in the classroom and in developing curriculum.

* You have a flexible schedule and availability through the school year.

* You have a desire to help students learn.

*About Varsity Tutors and the School@Home Program*

Our mission is to transform the way people learn. We do this by leveraging advanced technology, AI, and the latest in learning science to facilitate a personalized learning experience. We believe our thoughtful approach to matching students with the right educators can improve outcomes, and we look forward to connecting you with students hungry to learn. The School@Home program makes homeschooling easier and accessible to more families. Whether parents want to provide their children with a more personalized learning experience without doing all the work themselves, or they just need some extra support, Varsity Tutors’ School@Home program offers a solution for just about any need.

Job Requirements