Capital Energy Group, Inc

Job Description

Capital Energy Group is a marketing communications and customer acquisition firm. That means our clients hire us to provide a personal touch with customers that they can’t achieve themselves and don’t trust anyone else to do. Because our personal approach has proved to be so successful, we do not do any telemarketing or direct mail!

Instead, we create a personalized approach to promotions and customer service that has dramatically increased client revenue and market brand share. We are in immediate need of a Sports-Minded Marketing Communications Representative to take a unique, relationship-oriented approach to their campaigns and liaise between major clients and their customers.

Responsibilities of the Sports-Minded Marketing Communications Representative:

  • Investigate and solve customer inquiries and communicate the services and products available to them to provide an exceptional customer experience.

  • Lead by example and eventually train other staff members on promotional strategies.

  • Provide product and customer service.

  • Manage in-field promotional marketing campaigns.

Our Skill Enhancement & Training Program Focuses on the Following Areas:

  • Sales and Promotional Marketing (No telemarketing! No direct mailing!).

  • Leadership skills.

  • Effective communication techniques.

  • Marketing campaigns and sales strategies.

  • Team management.

Job Requirements

Requirements of the Sports-Minded Marketing Communications Representative:

  • Work experience in the following industries is an asset, but not required: Communications, Business administration, Management, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Political Science, Psychology, Sports Management, and related fields.

  • Willingness to succeed and train in an entry-level promotions position.

  • Great communication skills and people skills.

  • Excellent work ethic.

  • A positive business attitude like the rest of our client’s enthusiastic staff.

  • You must be confident you'll be successful, just waiting for a career opportunity where you can prove yourself.

If you have experience in any of the following you are encouraged to apply: Sports, Sports Marketing, Sports Management, Sports Promotions, Sports Entertainment, Sports Advertising, Sports Training, Sportsman, Sports Minded, Sports Sales, Team Sports, Sports Oriented, Coaching and Developing, Coaching, Developing and Building Teams, Team Player, Teamsports, student athlete, or team leader